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157 Boosters Online
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Booster & Coach job description:

The boostmarket team is multiplying. For this reason, growth is not only exciting – but also challenging! We are looking for dedicated, talented, and honest individuals with passion and desire to represent our gaming vision proudly.
In this journey, high-skilled and professional players are more than welcome to join our boosting and coaching team!
Minimum required ranks for each game to proceed with your application to join us:

  • As a League Of Legends Eune Booster you must be on Grandmaster Rank or higher.
  • As a League Of Legends Euw Booster you must be on Master Rank or higher.
  • As a Team Fight Tactics Booster you must be on Master Rank or higher.
  • As a Valorant Booster you must be on Immortal Rank or higher.

To be entirely fair with the order assignment, we have implemented three significant levels of cooperation depending on your skills, win ratio, order completion time, daily working hours, discord online time, attitude, and professionalism:

  • Member Booster/Coach (First Level).
  • Loyalty Booster/Coach (Second Level).
  • VIP Booster/Coach (Third Level).

Each of these levels has order quantity and rank limitations. You can advance to the next level or be downgraded by Moderator's decision after a relevant notification.

Easy and Efficient Way of Working:

  • You can be notified of new available orders from your main Dashboard and our Discord channel.
  • Log in to your account from your Dashboard; you can check available orders before claiming one.
  • When you get an order, you can start chatting in a private window with your customer.
  • You must report directly to the moderators about any issue with your claimed order/customer.
  • You must respond immediately to the moderators and remain respectful, honest, and professional all the time.
  • Respect is our gold essential requirement. You must always treat our customers the way you want to be treated, with professionalism and respect. Respond always on time, promptly, and informatively to their asked questions.
  • Stay always calm. Difficult as it is sometimes, it is essential to always give a calming approach to customer issues.
  • Identify and anticipate customer needs and ensure a smooth boosting process, maximizing their game experience.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Advanced English level in writing and speaking.
  • Personal Discord Account.
  • Personal E-mail Account.
  • Personal Payment Gateway (Bank Account, Paypal etc.).
  • Minimum of 7 hours availability during working days.
  • Parental consent for underage applicants.
  • Probationary test games with our recruiters.
  • Acceptance of performance checks on a monthly basis.
  • Acceptance of our discipline policies.

Recruitment Bonus Points:

  • Experience on Boosting - Coaching in industry.
  • Professional Gaming Career.
  • Recommendation from a Boostmarket.eu Booster - Coach.

Benefits from joining our team:

  • We place a heavy value on trust and transparency. Our leadership team will always be on your side and genuinely want to hear what you say. Your ideas are always welcome.
  • Guaranteed payments to our partners are applied every 15 days. To ensure that a partner gets full payoff (amount & bonuses) for specific services provided, we consider our payments guaranteed because they are our priority.
  • Embrace the freedom to be yourself as a free contract employee.
  • You can take over orders whenever you feel ready.
  • You can make as much money you can work for!
  • As everyday is your day, you can take breaks and time-off work, whenever you like.
  • You can work with enhanced flexibility as you will make money by playing your favorite game.
  • Promotions & Bonuses. You can climb our leaderboards simply by completing orders smoothly. Professionalism and loyalty are always rewarded.
  • In Boostmarket.eu, we are moved by the power of purpose. We believe that everyone should find meaning in work. As you contribute your time, talent, and gaming skills, you'll see the impact you make at Boostmarket.eu.

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