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Refund Policy applied to every Boostmarket.eu Service.

We care and respect your decisions. Always.

BoostMarket LTD understands and cares for every decision you make at anytime. We respect and value our customers and everyone who visits our website, "https://boostmarket.eu". For these reasons we have implemented instant 100% refund on every order, as an option if you change your decision.
Instant refunds direct to your bank account. With Boostmarket Refund option, your refund will reach your bank/paypal/credit card account within seconds.

Every order can get a 100% instant refund as an option.

Any order that hasn't been started on, qualifies for a full refund as long as the request was made before we start working on the order. The refund may have payment processing fees from our payment gateway processors.

Orders that have been started and are part-way through completion are still eligible for a partial refund where the refund amount will correspond to how much progress we have already made on the order (Eg. order 20% completed, refund amount 80% of original payment).The 80% payment refund may have payment processing fees from our payment gateway processors.

For all placement orders we fail to deliver our guaranteed win rate (70%+), we will Refund you with the 50% of your payment instantly, or add a 100% of your payment to your account balance. You will always have the choice of selecting.

Refunds will be done using the same payment method that was initially used to make the purchase, or refunded as money on your account balance for future usage.

If there is an issue while working on a duo order, We may ask customers to convert their in-progress orders to a different product or service, in the form of changing duo orders to solo, win games etc.

We also do refunds on a case-by-case basis, so customers are always encouraged to send to our customer support via live chat or contact form, an enquiry for refund regarding any order, explaining their point of view.

8. You will be responsible for paying all possible third party fees related to refund.

Last Updated: 28/9/2022

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