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158 Boosters Online
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After buying a League of Legends account, our automated delivery system sends you an email with the account information. You will be able to play and dominate the rift again within seconds!


Lifetime Account Warranty

We provide an extended lifetime guarantee and instant replacement on all our accounts. If something happens to your League of Legends account by our fault, you'll receive a replacement instantly!


Email & Password Change

Once you receive your League of legends account, you will be able to change the email and password. That means the account is fully yours from the moment you make the purchase!

Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe buying League Of Legends accounts?

We guarantee that all payments made via BoostMarket portals are instantly and safely processed. We use the latest 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that our client's sensitive data is 100% secure. In other hand all of our accounts are carefully hand-selected and tested to meet our high standards. We only sell accounts that are 100% legitimate and have no bans or other restrictions.

All of our Accounts are created with unverified Emails. This means that you can change the Email and Password without needing the original Email the account was created with. In order to change your Email and Password, all you need to do is:
Login to https://leagueoflegends.com
Click on "Your Username" -> "Settings" located in top right corner.
Change the Password and the Email address by clicking on the email address field.

Your new League Of Legends account will be delivered instantly after purchase. You will receive an email with Username and Password. After receiving them we strongly recommend that you login into your brand new account and change Email and Password.

Every account comes with a lifetime warranty that allows you to get replacement. The warranty only applies to accounts banned for botting. Banned accounts for flamming and other types, are NOT covered by the warranty.

Keep in mind that we must have access to your banned account in order to replace it.
Account warranty applies only to accounts banned due to our fault.

A smurf account is an alternate account usually used for playing in a lower skill level bracket than the user's main account. Alternatively, the main account is a primary account that a player uses for playing League Of Legends.

The price of a League Of Legends account varies depending on the server, level, and rank. You can find cheap League Of Legends accounts for sale starting at aprox. 30,00€ or spend hundreds of euros on a high-level account with all the bells and whistles. No matter your budget, we have an account to fit your needs. Please browse our selection of accounts and find the perfect one for you! And don't forget, if you have any questions, our friendly customer support team is always happy to help you.

No problem at all! You can contact us any time by clicking on the live chat icon located on your bottom-right corner. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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