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Terms of Using Boostmarket.eu Services.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the website and to the sale of services on it.


1.1 Under the domain https://boostmarket.eu (hereinafter "BoostMarket"), the General Terms and Conditions of Sales specify terms of use of the website by Sellers and Buyers (i.e. Customers).

The administrator of the website (hereinafter "The Service Provider") is:

BoostMarket LTD
Ul. "Mitropolit Boris" 17
2700 Blagoevgrad Center

The e-mail of the service provider is: support@boostmarket.eu

Users, Selling Users, and the Service Provider will communicate their intent electronically, which means sending and delivering an e-mail to the email address provided during registration.

1.2 The BoostMarket website is designed for the purchase of digital services, including Boosting & Coaching in the game League of Legends, as well as selling League of Legends accounts (hereinafter "LOL"), offered by the Service & Selling Users on this website or any subdomains.

1.3 Using the website, users can conduct transactions online.

1.4 In addition to not purchasing digital content from the Sellers or Selling Users, BoostMarket does not resell League of Legends accounts to the Users.

1.5 BoostMarket does not offer Boosting services. By using the service, Boosters and Users can compromise transactions. Reaching the desired division/rank is the basis of the service. On all servers, including North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and Oceania, BoostMarket offers division/rank boosting help.

1.6 Coaching services are not provided by BoostMarket. Coaches and Users can compromise transactions using the service. Coach help is available on all servers, which are located in North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and Oceania.


2.1 Account - Accounts for users on the website are activated once they are created and provide full functionality of the site's services. A game account may be attached to only one (1) Boostmarket.eu account that is verified through a specific and unique email. Using several emails so as to benefit from discount coupons, promotion codes in general, is strictly prohibited.

2.2 Digital services - Services that aren't physical and are created based on the individual choice or decision of the user. BoostMarket offers two types of digital services: Boosting and Coaching.

2.3 Solo Boosting services - After sending us your details, the booster will log in to your account and perform an Elo boost to the division you specify.

2.4 Duo Boosting services - Customers play on their own accounts, while boosters support them until they reach their desired divisions.

2.5 Digital goods - The creation of non-physical goods based on the individual choices and decisions of the user. League of Legends accounts are one of the types of digital products available on BoostMarket.

2.6 Users - Anyone who is capable of compromising the website's transactions.

2.7 Guest account - The service provider created an account on the customer's behalf, which belongs to the customer. The customer expressed tacit consent to the service provider creating an account on the website.

2.8 Seller - Digital content vendors are entrepreneurs or individuals who sell digital goods and services via the internet, such as Boosting, Coaching, and Selling Accounts. Using the website, the seller may also purchase products from other Selling Users.

2.9 Selling Users - Those who sell via the website system and are League of Legends account owners but are not entrepreneurs.

2.10 Subscriber - Anyone who can sign up for BoostMarket's newsletter.

2.11 Service Provider - BoostMarket LTD which has a registered office in Ul. "Mitropolit Boris" 17, 2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

2.12 Website - site which is available under the link https://www.Boostmarket.eu. No other website has a direct connection with BoostMarket.

2.13 Elo Boosting / MMR Boosting - The service is based on the subject of acquiring virtual levels (ranks) in the online game League of Legends on behalf of the customer. Customer pays for the service in order to reach the desired division/rank. A team of experienced and knowledgeable people perform the service. Those people are known as boosters. All servers that BoostMarket provides this service to are: North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and Oceania.

2.14 Booster - An individual who delivers a virtual service based on virtual levels (ranks) in the online game League of Legends that are acquired to the Customer's order.

2.15 Coaching - This is a virtual service based on League of Legends, where high skilled players teach customers how to play. During every session, the best players in the company provide the most helpful information and deliver the best results. Coaching is done by these players. We offer this service on all servers: North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and Oceania.

2.16 Coach - The high-end player of League of Legends teaches customers how to play the game through a virtual service.

2.17 Selling Account Marketplace - In League of Legends, the Selling Account (hereinafter "Selling Account") is a virtual good in which Service Providers can sell their accounts. BoostMarket supports selling League of Legends accounts on all servers (North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey & Oceania). League of Legends accounts are not owned by BoostMarket. Sellers provide the accounts.


3.1 These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy are hereby accepted by the User and Seller.

3.2 BoostMarket requests that users who cannot express a legally binding agreement with the company and those who are prohibited from using the services due to country or regional regulations refrain from using the service. The user who makes purchases on the website declares that they are at least 18 years of age, or have reached an age that enables them to express legally binding agreements. Whenever a user acts on behalf of another person, he asserts that he has the authority to conduct legally binding agreements on that person's behalf.

3.3 Through the promulgation of the Terms and Conditions on the website, BoostMarket reserves the right to make any changes and modifications to the General Terms and Sales Conditions. Upon promulgation of new regulations and modifications to the General Terms and Conditions, they will take effect automatically three days later. Any alterations, changes, removals or additions to the clauses and rules written in the terms and conditions are the sole responsibility of the aforementioned. You automatically agree to the terms and conditions when you purchase any service enabled by BoostMarket.

3.4 When using any service or contacting BoostMarket, the User, the Seller, the Booster, the Coach communicates electronically with BoostMarket. Through e-mail or live chat on the website, BoostMarket communicates with the mentioned parties, as well as with distributors directly.


4.1 Creating an account requires the user to register by filling in the registration form available on the site. It requires the user to supply his or her username, e-mail address, and optional information such as his or her Discord ID and country. During the registration process, the user has the opportunity to learn about service descriptions, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and the Privacy Policy.

4.2 It is not possible for a User or a Selling User to buy a Service as a Guest, without registering. By creating an account on the website, he or she expresses tacit consent to buy a Service from the Service Provider.

4.4 In order to sell products through the website, the User must fill out additional information on his profile. In "Edit Profile", the user must provide the following details: his or her current name and surname, withdrawal method, and withdrawal information. In the event the Selling User provides false or inaccurate information, such as his or her bank account number, BoostMarket is not liable for any damages or losses.

4.5 Accounts can be terminated or suspended at BoostMarket's discretion. In the event that a User's account is suspended or removed, and a balance remains on the account, BoostMarket may freeze or remove that balance due to a violation of the Service Provider's General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Chapters 14, 14.1 and 14.2 of the following regulations provide more information about breaches of General Terms and Conditions of Sale. If the User creates situations that may be considered as possible violations of the company's interests, BoostMarket reserves the right to terminate or suspend the account.


5.1 As a multimedia artistic work, the entire site is protected by copyright legislation concerning intellectual property and belongs to the Service Provider, including all contents, texts, photos, designs, logos, images, software, source code, and any other existing intellectual creations on the site.

5.2 Any reproduction, transmission or recording of the contents of the aforementioned website, under any support or media, is not permitted without the prior written permission of the Entity.

5.3 There are no rights granted to the user under the General Terms and Conditions of Sale through the agreement between the Service Provider and the User, nor between the User and the Selling User.

5.4 Users will only be able to access the Website via https://boostmarket.eu/, which is the only trustworthy access point.

5.5 BoostMarket states that is in no way affiliated with, associated with, endorsed by Riot Games Inc.

5.6 BoostMarket states that has no ownership of Riot Games 'or any affiliates' intellectual property. All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


6.1 In order to use the website you do not have to register. Meanwhile, using the website you can reach out and check the following sections: Homepage, Boosting, Marketplace, Coaching, Job, Staff Application (When it is enabled), Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Refund Policy, Frequently Asked Questions. Before the registration, you have the availability to become familiar with the content of the website, such as a description of products (digital services and accounts), description and information about the Service and Service Provider. Changes and modifications to the Conditions Sale can be made by the Service Provider through promulgation on the specific parts of the website, including adding new descriptions, changing the existing ones, and deleting the previous ones.

6.2 The new description and information will automatically be posted on the Website after they have been promulgated.

6.3 Promocodes and discounts may be offered by the Service Provider through coupons. You can find the rules of such actions on the website https://boostmarket.eu/. These rules may change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Service Provider, and such changes do not affect the Terms of Service.

6.4 In spite of the fact that the User has expressed the above-mentioned consent, the Service Provider may send non-commercial information or marketing materials to a registered User, including information regarding new features of https://boostmarket.eu/, as well as information about executing provisions of law or the Terms of Use or fulfilling obligations stemming from those provisions, such as information about the website's new features.

6.5 For specific customers, the Service Provider may offer special discounts. Our management creates the special price, which isn't listed on our website. After that, a link is delivered that directs the customer to the formula for calculating the price. Services such as these will be listed as a "Sub-charge" or "Part-charge".

6.6 User agrees to receive commercial messages from Service Provider (hereinafter "newsletter messages"). Before or after Registration, the consent can be declared at any time. By clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the end of the commercial information, you can revoke your consent at any time.

6.7 This website must be used solely on behalf of the User and his Account cannot be shared with anyone else. It is essential to protect the login and password from unauthorized access. Accounts cannot be transferred or inherited. Multiple accounts are prohibited.

6.8 Login credentials, such as login (name) and password, are required to access the website.

6.9 Using a Facebook or Google account credentials will allow the user to log in to the website.

6.10 If the User forgets the password for his/her account, he/she can change it directly by clicking the "forgot password" link sent to the email address provided during registration. Passwords can't be retrieved by our staff.

6.11 As soon as the user's account has been verified on the website, they can change their login credentials from their user dashboard.


7.1 Through registration, the User agrees to, executes, completes, and agrees to the Agreement under which he orders the service, which means that it is in accordance with the Game Rules or granted by the owner of the game or another authorized entity granting permission for the person to enter into, perform, close, and settle the Agreement. In any other case, the User must immediately stop using the website. Therefore, the above Agreement is terminated automatically. The user shall not continue registering on the website if he is in the registration step.

7.2 As far as the Service Provider is concerned, the Website is not available to individuals who are not entitled to conclude, execute, and square the Agreement. Users are solely responsible for fulfilling the conditions listed in paragraphs 1 to 16.

7.3 In order to provide its services, the Service Provider does not need to be verified.

7.4 It is possible for the Service Provider to terminate the Agreement immediately if you fail to comply with any of the conditions outlined in paragraphs 1 to 16. As a result, the Service Provider may declare that all agreements concluded, executed, squared, or settled by you (or those in the process of being concluded, executed, squared, or settled) are null and void. Payments and fees associated with nullified agreements will not be refunded.


8.1 The website offers Virtual Service (Boosting & Coaching) and Virtual Goods (Accounts). Before making a purchase on Boostmarket.eu, the customer must accept the General Terms and Conditions.

8.2 Products listed above can only be purchased by Users (registered members of the website before making a purchase).

8.3 Those who wish to purchase the following services and goods are called Customers: level acquisitions in virtual games such as League of Legends, Team Fight Tactics, and Valorant, coaching in virtual games like League of Legends, Team Fight Tactics, and League of Legends accounts. All listed services and goods are provided on the basis of an agreement between the User and the Service Provider.

8.4 The Customer is required to provide sufficient information after purchasing the Service.

8.4.1 In order to purchase Solo Boosting Services, the Customer will need to provide the following information: Login, Password, and Summoner's name.

8.4.2 In order to purchase Duo Boosting Services or Coaching, the Customer must provide the following information: Summoner's name.

8.4.3 Customers are not required to provide any information when purchasing a League of Legends account. Following the purchase, the Customer will receive the credentials of the newly purchased account on the website, such as the Account's Username, Account's Password, Account's Email, and Account's Email Password.

8.5 As soon as the customer purchases a Service, he has access to specific areas on his profile (Dashboard), where he can customize the Service (update account credentials, pause the service, check the progress of the Boost, schedule with his Booster/Coach, directly chat with his Booster/Coach).


9.1 Virtual Services (Boosting/Coaching) and Virtual Goods (Selling Accounts) are delivered only after the agreement between the customer and the Service Provider is closed.
9.1.1 When a customer purchases Division Boosting, the agreement remains valid until the desired division is delivered.
9.1.2 Win Boosting (purchase of a certain amount of wins) is an agreement until a certain number of wins are provided.
9.1.3 Upon the purchase of a Placement Matches Service, the agreement is valid until the purchased number of games is provided.
9.1.4 In the case of a Champion Mastery Boost, the agreement is valid until the level of Champion Mastery purchased is obtained.
9.1.5 Customer who purchased a Coaching session is covered until the purchased amount of hours is provided.
9.1.6 In the case of a League of Legends account purchased by the customer, the agreement remains valid until the account warranty period expires.
9.1.7 Boostmarket.eu reserves the right to deduct the progress value if the order has not been completed before the end of the season.


9.2 The service provider may terminate the agreement between the customer and the service provider if the customer fails to take any action within 120 days. As an example, not providing sufficient information according to points 8.4, 8.4.1, 8.4.2, 8.4.3, not communicating with the Booster/Coach/Selling User for 120 days or more, pausing the Boost/Coaching for 120 days or more, or not logging into his profile for 120 days or more.
9.2.1 If the Customer breaches the following General Terms and Conditions of Sales of the Boostmarket.eu website, the Service Provider may terminate the Customer's agreement with The Service Provider.
9.2.2 If the Customer intentionally feeds, abuses, dominates, or insults the booster or coach, the Service Provider may terminate the agreement between them.
9.2.3 When a customer performs any fraudulent activity, such as offering private deals to our service providers or sellers or contacting our service providers outside of the Boostmarket.eu website, or provides invalid information regarding his/her service, the Service Provider may terminate the agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider. It is the Service Provider's right to terminate the order without prior notification to the Customer if false reports are submitted and incorrect information is provided.
9.2.4 The Win boosting service is prohibited under the following conditions: Use of the win boosting service with the extra role option as Support in a solo-only mode more than 1 (one) time in a month (Repeated). In this case, the service provider has the right to cancel the order without prior notification and refund the customer in his account balance. The customer declares that using the win boosting service fully accepts the above terms and conditions. Otherwise, the service provider will cancel his order and credit the account balance with the amount of his order.
9.2.5 As an administration fee, unused credit will be deducted if the Service Provider terminates the agreement.


9.3 Customer accepts that by purchasing Win Boosting Service, he or she agrees to purchase a specific number of wins. Purchasing "B" amount of wins will add 1 to any lost game (B+1) and subtract 1 from any won game (B-1).
9.3.1 Boosters who lose a game during a promotion are not counted as extra games until after they lose the promotion.
9.3.2 If the booster reaches a higher division during the service and the customer purchases an "B" amount of games, the number of wins will vary. Considering this, we will recalculate the remaining winnings to the price of the new division & rank or subtract wins, in number equal to the price difference, resulting from the new price compared to the price paid by the customer (placed in order).
9.3.3 It is permitted for the booster to dodge more than one game at a time. The customer is eligible for an additional win if the booster loses multiple games that result in -10 LP/RR. The booster is allowed to dodge while providing win boosting services. Boosters can compensate the customer with an additional win if they dodge games multiple times, resulting in losses of +10LP/RR.


9.4 Upon ordering, you agree that if your League Points (hereinafter "LP") per win in any division is less than 11 LP, either you will have to pay an additional fee calculated by our boosting calculator, or your order will be turned into a Win Boosting Service based on our per win calculator. When your account gains less than 11 LP per win in Bronze divisions IV or III after buying the service from Bronze IV to Bronze II, you have the option of converting to a Win Boosting Service or paying an extra fee.
9.4.1 Please note that if your Kills/Deaths/Assists (hereinafter "KDA") is below 1.8 in any Duo Boosting Services, we reserve the right to convert your order into Solo Boosting Services based on the price of your order. Based on the last five games, we will calculate your KDA ratio.
9.4.2 As a customer of TFT Boosting, you agree that you, will either have to pay an additional amount based on the boosting calculator, or your order will be converted to TFT Win Boosting if your LP win rate falls below 28 per win (applies only to the first position). When you buy the service from Bronze IV to Bronze I and your account does not gain 13 LP per win in Bronze division IV or III, you have the option of upgrading to a Win Boosting Service or paying an additional fee.


9.5 It is your responsibility as a customer to pay the difference between the amount of LP left by the Booster and your LP if you play ranked games in the queue type you purchased during the service.
9.5.1 When the customer decreases LP or gains below 11LP, the Service Provider may pause the service. A service provider will continue to offer the service once the difference in value is covered.
9.5.2 Service Provider reserve the right to convert the service if the customer does not cover the difference in money, by calculating the difference in money caused by the customer's actions and the initial service value.
9.5.3 Players can play any League of Legends game mode during a win boosting service.
9.5.4 A division boosting service allows the customer to play different game modes, except for the boosting service's chosen game mode.


9.6 In Placement Matches up to Platinum, the Service Provider guarantees an 80% win rate, and in Diamond+ and Unranked, a 70% win rate. We will compensate you with the same amount of losses the booster had as win-boosting games if we perform placements matches with a lower win ratio.
9.6.1 Boosters cannot compensate more than one division unless their win rate falls below 50%.
9.6.2 Choosing the rank of the last season is required before purchasing. In the case of an unranked account from the previous season, select the last ranked position above Unranked.
9.6.3 The customer must pay the difference if the account MMR is significantly higher (more than one tier) than last season's rank.


9.7 The customer will be granted additional protection if he or she purchases a League of Legends Account.
9.7.1 Depending on the type of account, this warranty will take a specific amount of time.
- the account without any label, guarantees the 7-days basic warranty period.
- the account with a botted account label, apply 14 days warranty period.
- the account with the handleveled label, give your warranty a lifetime extension.
As soon as the payment is successful, the warranty will be applied.
9.7.2 Upon expiration of the protection period, the Service Provider is not liable for the use of the account.
9.7.3 Only normal use of the account is covered under the warranty of the Service Provider. Any actions beyond the normal usage of the account will not be covered by the Service Provider.
9.7.4 A customer who loses access to the purchased League of Legends account during the warranty period, without his fault or knowledge, will be guaranteed to a similar or the same League of Legends account within ten (10) working days of being notified of the loss.


9.8 Customer will receive an electronic notification when the Virtual Service (Boosting) has been completed.
9.8.1 In order to prove that the service was completed, Booster has to attach a screenshot that confirms the completion of the service.
9.8.2 As soon as the Virtual Service (Coaching) has been completed by the Coach side, our staff will confirm that the service has been completed by checking the customer's order and accepting or rejecting it.
9.8.3 Following the completion of a solo boost, the customer is required to change the password on the game account. After an order has been completed, we are not responsible if the account password is not changed.


9.9 After the Service Provider delivers valid account credentials to the buyer, the Virtual Goods (League of Legends Account) transfer will be completed.


10.1 The following methods are available for payment: Skrill, Paypal, Paysafe. We will be adding more payment methods in the near future.

10.2 Service Providers are responsible for all payment fees, except refund fees, which are the responsibility of customers.

10.3 Customer payments that fail or are rejected by the Provider's payment system are not the responsibility of the Service Provider.

10.4 It is the responsibility of all cooperating service providers to provide the necessary payment information in order for the payment to be processed. If this payment is not feasible, it is not BoostMarket's fault.

10.5 The cooperating service providers of Βoostmarket are obliged to complete their payment details such as their Bank Account and/or Paypal Account, at their account's profile.

10.6 We make payments every 15 calendar days. Every 15th and 30th of each month.


11.1 If a customer is unhappy with the service he purchased, he has the right to complain.

11.2 If a customer is not satisfied with the service provided or it wasn't provided as described, they can file a complaint.

11.3 Following are the steps that a customer should follow if he/she wishes to file a complaint:
11.3.1 Visit the website Boostmarket.eu
11.3.2 On the right top corner, click on "Contact 24/7".
11.3.3 Complain about what was wrong or not provided according to what was described in your inquiry.

11.4 In the event of a complaint, a response will be provided within 14 days of the complaint's receipt.

11.5 The issue will be permanently closed if our staff determines that the customer's complaint is not valid.

11.6 Once our staff has investigated the customer's issue and determined that it is fair, it will be escalated to the Moderatos or Administrator.

11.7 It doesn't mean we agree with the customer if we don't resolve the complaint.


12.1 There is no involvement of the Service Provider in the contacts between the User Booster and Coach and no participation in any of their factual or legal dealings.

12.2 Data uploaded or stored by Users on the Website are not guaranteed to be true or reliable by the Service Provider.

12.3 Specifically, the Service Provider does not have any responsibility towards the Users in regards to:
- In the event that data contradicts reality,
- Data uploaded by users is inaccurate and unreliable,
- Fulfillment of Contracts by the Users,
- An evaluation of the users' solvency.

12.4 Disputes between Users are not handled by the Service Provider. Users resolve all disputes on their own. This type of dispute is not resolved through legal proceedings by the Service Provider.

12.5 Education problems or the behavior of Users relating to the Agreements and the game are not the responsibility of the Service Provider, for instance, addictions related to computers or other games, failure to win games, participation in illegal games, or violation of the Game Rules. The Service Provider is not responsible for blocking or suspending your account or banning you from the game. There is no right to make a claim against the Service Provider or another User, including a claim for a refund.

12.6 If it violates the law or social coexistence principles or if it infringes the Service Provider's good name and fame, the Service Provider may annul the agreement without prior notice to the User.


13.1 Any acts or omissions by Users on the Website are not the responsibility of the Service Provider. The Website must be used in accordance with the law by the Users. It is not the responsibility of the Service Provider to check whether the acts and/or omissions of the Users, data stored by them, or activities related to them are in compliance with the law. When using the Website, the User is fully responsible for his actions and omissions.

13.2 In any case, unless otherwise stipulated in the Terms of Use, the Service Provider is only liable to the User for damage caused by the non-performance or improper performance of the Services. The User is responsible for proving fault.

13.3 The Service Provider is only responsible for real damage caused to the User, not for profits lost.

13.4 As far as is permitted by law (including consumer protection provisions), the Service Provider is not liable for any actions or damages caused by:
- Due to the inability of the IT system of the user to adapt to the technical requirements of the service provider,
- Service Providers are not responsible for any difficulties accessed through the Website due to Force majeure, wars, terrorist attacks, fires, floods, hackers, failures, errors on the part of access providers, errors in the hardware or software of the Users, errors in the server rooms, or other reasons caused by third parties.
- Usage of the Website by the User or another person in an illegal manner,
- Everyone who uses the Internet is responsible for violating the law, committing malicious acts, or omitting to do so,
- Filters, blocks, or failures of the service provider's email servers may result in e-mails being rejected.

13.5 Any unauthorized programs that may potentially be triggered by the User are not the responsibility of the Service Provider.

13.6 If one of the Service Provider's e-mails gets categorized as spam or junk, the Service Provider is not responsible.

13.7 There is no obligation on the part of the Service Provider to maintain the Website when there is a technical breakdown. If a sudden and/or unexpected break is necessary, the Service Provider will send the User a Message.

13.8 If a lack of limits affects the continuity and stability of the Website, the Service Provider is entitled to limit some features of the Website, make them available only during certain hours, or introduce restrictions. In the case of the above-mentioned activities, the Service Provider is not liable.

13.9 As a result of a lack of antivirus software in the computer, as well as an unprotected connection to the Internet, the Service Provider is not liable for any damage incurred by the User. In particular, for breaking into the user's computer system, stealing email, obtaining passwords or usernames from a third party, or spreading a virus.


14.1 Service Providers may terminate your access to the website without notifying you if you use it unlawfully.

14.2 It is possible for the Service Provider to terminate your access to the website if:
- The user violates the General Terms and Conditions of Boostmarket.eu,
- Illegal data is uploaded by user,
- User release other users' personal information,
- There has been a violation of the account terms of service by the user,
- An activity by a user could be considered a violation of the company's interests and fame.


15.1 Appendices to Terms of Use are an integral part of the full document. Among them are:
-Anyone can access and read the Terms and Conditions of Use on the Website under the address "https://boostmarket.eu/terms-of-use". Although everyone can acquire, restore, preserve, and store content of Terms of Use before using the Website or at the moment someone is begin using it. The Service Provider can explain the Terms of Use if you have any doubts.

15.2 Denial Of Responsibility:
-BoostMarket Limited © isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends, TFT and Valorant witch are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.

15.3 Website content:
-Any images, designs, signs that have been used on the website of the service provider (boostmarket.eu) have been reconstructed, modified and adapted to the conditions and needs of the implementation of the website. They do not constitute direct use, copying or republishing of any original image.

15.4 Purpose and properties of the use of the website:
-The user of the website declares that he has fully understood the above provisions, and in general that the service provider with the website boostmarket.eu does NOT sell boosting & coaching services, but only brings customers and boosters into contact and benefit from the charge of service as a percentage (fee).


16.1 We use Paypal and Stripe as payment gateways on boostmarket.eu. Additional payment gateways will be added in the near future to offer our customers more options. A number of other services are also used, such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Discord. Google Analytics collects information about the devices that connect to its services. In addition to detecting fraud, Google Analytics uses this information to be able to operate and improve the services it provides.

16.2 You can learn more about Stripe and read its privacy policy at https://stripe.com/privacy.

16.3 You can learn more about Paypal and read its privacy policy at https://paypal.com/privacy-full.

16.4 You can learn more about Discord and read its privacy policy at https://discordapp.com/terms.

Last Updated: 28/02/2023

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